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Formless Intimacies (2022)

Using performance, video and sound, Formless Intimacies is an exploration of intimate encounters between the membrane of the body and the porous boundary of objects. Ritualised spaces are imagined through a performative intent, which uses the mediums of air, breath and space to inflate a seeming absence into a resonant presence. In this way, an ordinary object such as a garbage bag, transforms into an object of wonder.

Sculpting intent in this way, each breath that is taken becomes an agent in healing the space between the body and the world, self and other.

With intent and object combining as an open-ended poetic resonance, I hope to evoke something that is unbound, limit-less and which allows for all possibilities of being.

Five-channel HD Video (16:9), 2.2 channel sound, performance stills.

Dimensions variable.

Credits: Videography Grace Dephoff; Photo Tobias Titz and SLACK; Inflatable Romanie Harper

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