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Make Love Your Practise (2022)

Exhibited in the group show, Radical Self Care and Sustainable Art Practice at the George Paton Gallery, Make Love Your Practise invited the viewer to inflate a balloon, with air as the conduit for the expression of love. 


The intention with which I make art - and the consideration that is brought to the practise -  has been an ongoing consideration of mine and most recently that intent has been focused on love. Bell hooks, in her book All About Love proposed that if we were to come to a shared agreement that 'love' is a verb rather than a noun, then we would all find it much easier to love. (hooks, page 4, All About Love: New Visions. New York: Harper Collins. 2001)

"The aim of art is not art... Its aim is reality encountered and lived with. And the vehicle with which art travels into reality is not just skill, insight, knowledge or intelligence. It is love"  

Didier Maleuvre. 2005. 'Art and the Teaching of Love'. The Journal of Aesthetic Education Spring 2005 (Vol 39,  no 1): 77-92


Exhibition co-ordinated by Kate Just.


Photo: Tobias Titz

Install Photos: Astrid Mulder

Balloon Photos: Michelle Tonkin

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